Step up to Saphara's summer challenge

By taking part in Saphara's summer fundraiser you will be ensuring that students from marginalised communities get the education they deserve. It's time to follow in Saphara teams' footsteps and take on the #TrektoKaplani. Sign up below to our campaign at JustGiving, and start fundraising today!


What's It All About?


Kaplani High School sits 1800m up from the city of Dehradun in the Himalayas. Each year, our Saphara teams make the trip to deliver English lessons and see the results of their fundraising efforts. Without Kaplani and our other partner organisations, hundreds of students would leave school early and receive no higher education. 

Our teams make the  journey to Kaplani in taxis, but your challenge is to do it on foot! Post photos and videos of your challenge using #TrektoKaplani. If you have been part of a Sapahra team before, we would love to see photos of your own treks in the area!


So how can you take part?


Choose a duration,

Get Fundraising!


Trek 1 - Climb to Kaplani

Step 1: Use your stairs at home to climb the 1800m to Kaplani High School. This is 9000 stairs or 600 flights of stairs in the average house.

Step 2: Choose how long you want the challenge to last. You may need to do some maths!. We recommend:

14 Days, 43 flights of stairs per day

21 Days, 29 flights of stairs per day


Step 3: Before you begin read our guide to climbing safely!

Step 4: Create a Just Giving page and tell the world what you are doing #TrektoKaplani #ClimbtoKaplani

Bored of being indoors? Complete the challenge in your area walking up a hill near you. Apps like Strava and Map My Run are great for measuring total height climbed.


Trek 2 - Run to Kaplani

Step 1: Alternatively, try our run to Kaplani. Students regularly walk long distances to school from the surrounding villages. Walk or run 5km every day for the duration of the challenge.

Step 2: Choose how long you want the challenge to last. In 14 days you can run 70km, or the distance from Dehradun to Kaplani and back again.

Step 3: Before you begin read our guide to challenging yourself safely!

Step 4: Create a Just Giving page and tell the world what you are doing #TrektoKaplani #RuntoKaplani

We Need your support now more than ever

For the first time since Saphara was founded, we have no school teams in India this summer. While this is disappointing for our young people in Northern Ireland, it is potentially devastating for the students whose education relies on our fundraising.


Covid-19 cases are currently rising in India and those from marginalised communities will be most affected by the crisis.


Everything you raise from your #TrektoKaplani will go towards funding Kaplani and SNEHA schools so that the students get the high quality education they need and deserve.