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250 million girls are living in poverty worldwide. To Saphara, that means that there are 250 million solutions to the world’s problems. 

Saphara believes strongly in the Girl Effect, a global movement that realises the potential for the 250 million girls living in poverty today to change the world. They believe that the future is bright if we can educate these girls and tap into their potential to change their lives and the lives of their communities. Read the Girl Declaration here or visit the website for more information.

If we can encourage girls to believe in themselves, we can help them avoid abuse and exploitation, making the world a better place for women and men alike. Enabling a girl to stay in secondary school reduces her family size, the risk of dying in childbirth and the potential for sexual abuse. Educating girls is widely recognised as the most effective way of bringing communities out of poverty and is a key focus of Saphara. Find out about our initiatives below.


Girls in poor Indian families are typically valued much less than boys and are often taken out of school to help at home, while their brothers continue their education. Saphara promotes the education of girls and many of Saphara’s initiatives including sponsorship for schools and colleges are targeted mainly at girls.


Adolescent Health Education

When girls reach puberty they face many taboos, which restrict their possibility of going to school and reinforce the view that they are inferior to boys. Saphara supports a number of school–based programmes that teach girls about menstrual health, challenge gender discrimination and create a positive environment where girls can flourish. 

Girl Effect
Girl Effect



“Today we held discussions with the teachers at SNEHA. One lady (MA BEd) stated that for the whole 7 days of her period she has to stay separately to the rest of the household. She’s not allowed to go into the kitchen and must sleep and eat in a different room. The whole room gets cleaned and sheets get washed. It’s so challenging to hear this first–hand. These women are really made to feel unclean and spiritually impure just because they’re going through a completely normal female experience.”

Dr Nathasha Basheer

Fact File

  • In five years of working with our partner MGVS, the proportion of girls staying at school until their final year has risen to 70% while the average age of marriage has increased from 17 to 21.