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From time to time, Saphara runs teams for adults. We have organised a number of women’s teams in the past during which the focus is normally on women’s rights and health. 

Women's Team 2014
Women's Team 2014

The aim of the last team in April 2014 was very much to promote healthy living; our professional team carried out a number of health checks and health education classes while learning about the problems in the communities we work in. In 2011, we also created a team of principals from Saphara schools, who had the chance to understand all the amazing and challenging experiences that their pupils have year on year. We believe it is vital that every part of a Saphara school can become involved in our work and were very encouraged by this inaugural principal’s team. 


“Where do I begin to reflect on this amazing journey with purpose? From start to finish I laughed, I cried, was inspired, humbled and much, much more. To witness people of faith give so much to others was truly heart–warming and wonderful.”

Jacci, Women’s Trip 2014