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I want to thank you all for your love and blessings. Please come back soon.

Harshita, student at SNEHA Doon Academy
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Saphara’s core values are respect for others and a partnership that seeks to empower those who are disadvantaged. This informs all of Saphara’s activities and influences its thinking on development issues.

Saphara believes that poverty has impacts on individuals and communities not only at a material level but also at a psychological and spiritual level. This is one reason why empowerment models that seek to give back control to the disadvantaged are so crucial. We realize that organisations like Saphara and the affluent west must tread carefully and respectfully in our relations with disadvantaged communities and NGOs. Otherwise, we give the impression that it is only through our help that they can achieve change, resulting in dependency and disempowerment. 

Our challenge is to discover how we can support them and facilitate their attempts to control their own lives. 

For this reason, Saphara’s partnership with NGOs focuses more on capacity building and strategic interventions than giving large donations of money, though financial support is part of this partnership.