"If there is a seventh wonder in the world, it is SNEHA"

Sitara, SNEHA student

Saphara believes in the power of education to change lives

Our Education Initiatives

Education is at the heart of every Saphara policy and an integral part of our Girl Champions and Transformational Leadership Programmes. It is the key to empowering young people from disadvantaged communities to escape from poverty.

Even in 2017, social status can decide whether or not a child goes to school. Globally, children from high–income families are almost six times as likely to graduate from higher–level secondary education than those from low–income families. Our work in some of the poorest schools of Northern India tries to change that. The schools we work with provide an education which values and affirms young people, giving them the chance to flourish regardless of social status, religion or gender.

Saphara currently supports six schools run by local partner NGOs. Such organisations are uniquely placed to effect long-term and sustainable change in the communities they serve.


Our partner schools are situated in various locations, from deprived areas in cities to those catering to the most rural communities in the foothills of the Himalayas. Saphara has supported the education of over 2,500 students in these schools by funding classrooms, paying teachers salaries and providing a cooked lunch - sometimes the only hot meal the pupils will eat in the day.

Our website is full of stories from these pupils given to us directly or indirectly. If they inspire you to make a donation or to sponsor a child, visit our donation page.


Indian schools

Saphara works with 6 partner schools for whom we have built 8 classrooms, 2 science laboratories and 1 large outdoor lunch area.

Indian Students

2,500 children in Uttarakhand and other parts of Northern India are currently receiving quality education because of Saphara's support, and over 300 of these have also been bought uniforms.

Employment and further study

Saphara has sent 25 pupils on to higher education and paid the salaries of 13 senior teacher posts across our schools.

Midday Meals

Saphara serves over 40,000 nutritious lunches every year. These may be the only hot meal a pupil has in the day and have resulted in increased attendance at our partner schools.

Family support

In order to help support the communities around the schools, Saphara has bought over 150 goats for families to support them in their livelihoods.


Each year, over £100,000 is raised by our teams and goes straight to our partner NGOs and their education programmes.

Our Partner Schools:

SNEHA Doon Academy

SNEHA Doon Academy exists thanks to the inspiration and dedication of Drs Reeta and Hari Rao, who left their medical  careers to help deprived communities in Dehradun. By 1995 they had a plot of land and soon after SNEHA was born. It has seen thousands of students move from class one to class twelve and has provided them with opportunities that they otherwise would not have had. Saphara have been supporting and visiting SNEHA since 2009, helping build classrooms and toilet blocks, paying the salaries of senior teachers and sponsoring children to go to school. You can find out more by watching Dr Reeta's story below or visiting their website here.


Our Partner Schools:

Donk Primary School

The Trek to Donk Primary School, in the mountains high above Dehradun, was a breathtaking trip for our teams. Unfortunately, in 2019, the school shut for the last time. Saphara had been supporting Donk for ten years, paying teacher's salaries, providing lunch for students and providing education to local children. Since its closure, we have ensured that the remaining pupils have been transferred to nearby primary schools to complete their education. As many of them will go on to attend Kaplani High school, we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.

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Our Partner Schools:

Kaplani High School

Kaplani High School is situated in the mountains near the hill town of Mussoorie. It provides an education to around 60 students and  is reliant on local groups and Saphara to maintain its running costs. We have a proud history of sponsoring pupils at Kaplani and many of our success stories have come from our work with the school. The official name of Kaplani school is the Heidi Parker Memorial Building, named after young Heidi Parker who died in infancy. When her parents left the nearby school where they were teachers, they left money for the current building to be built, creating the Kaplani we know today. Our teams divide their time between teaching English in the classrooms, losing at cricket during break times and organising practical science lessons in the Saphara science lab. The young people at Kaplani open the eyes of the school teams to what is possible, and provide a thoughtful few days for each team that goes there.