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There are a number of ways to keep up with Saphara's work and help us as we go on our journeys with purpose. Find these and other links below.

School Application Form 2020

If you want to be part of the school teams in 2020, fill in the form and begin your journey!


As soon as the student form becomes available for 2020, it will be posted here. Watch our news for updates.

Saphara christmas gift form

Support Saphara's goals by buying anything from a pair of school shoes to a goat for a family this Christmas.

Download our latest Newsletter

Keep in touch with all of Saphara's latest happenings. For earlier newsletters, please get in contact with one of the team.

Saphara's prayer card

Saphara's ethos is based on the inclusivity of the Christian faith and we welcome prayers for our teams throughout the year. 

River Babies Story

This is a resource used during ourt trips and designed to make young people think about what charity and development actually means.

At Saphara, we care about sustainable change, something that can only be achieved through consultation with local people and other professional organisations. We take our research seriously and encourage all our friends and members to do the same. Below are a number of important reports and papers on education and empowerment that we wanted to share with you. Click on the arrow to download.

UN Women Gender Gap Chart

A special document highlighting the ever present gender gap in many UN states.

Asia Child Marriage Iniative

Summary of research carried out in India, Bangladesh and Nepal from the IRCW.

Rights of Adolescent Girls in India

A critical look at laws and policies in India. A Vacha Publication.

child marriage: gender equality in education

A paper discussing the merits of changing attitudes that are affecting girl’s access to education.

The Girl Effect: What Do Boys Have to Do with It?

A report from the ICRW discussing the role of both genders in supporting the girl effect.

Today's challenges for girls' education

 2015 report from the Global Economy and Development at Brookings

Education, Empowerment and Transitions to Adulthood

An International Centre for Research on Women publication regarding adolescent girls.

DFID’s Strategic Vision for Girls and Women

A vision for Women’s and Girls’ rights to 2020 and beyond.

The Girl Declaration

A powerful document written by girls and for girls. Find out more about the project here


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