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Wednesday 10 April 2019

The day started with mixed emotions of nerves, excitement and slight tiredness as we prepared to make our way to SNEHA school for the first time. However, there can be no better way to wake yourself up in the morning than a journey in a vikram! 

Arriving to SNEHA school, we were greeted with singing voices and smiling faces during assembly, which instantly calmed all nerves and only increased our excitement and appreciation for this opportunity– how can you feel nervous when singing and dancing with 1100 happy faces? I felt that we were in a safe haven despite the poverty that surrounded the school.

Following an introduction to SNEHA school by Dr Reeta, we split into our three teams to teach classes 2, 5 and 7. It felt amazing to be here, in India, doing what we have been planning for and thinking about for so long– and most importantly having fun with these pupils.  

To finish off the day we couldn’t forget about the birthday girl who was lucky enough to celebrate her 22nd birthday in our company. Happy Birthday Maria! 

Today was a day of learning for the pupils and also ourselves. Personally, I learned that;

1. English phonics are more difficult than you would expect (thanks Gillian)!!!

2. Indian names are beautiful but extremely difficult to learn and remember. 

3. Despite language barriers, enthusiasm and energy can be universally recognised and shared between ourselves and the pupils……

Erin Watts

Posted in College Team 2019
on Wednesday 10 April 2019