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Friday 12 April 2019

‘SNEHA’ means loved. As we got out of our vikrams, there was a feeling of love and warmth as the entire school faced us to get their school photo. It was very special and something as simple as that was enough to energise the team for the busy day ahead.

Before our lessons, we had the chance to browse through the beautiful products created by the girls who took part in the vocational training at SNEHA. We purchased some lovely items but I’ll not give too much away because, if you are lucky enough to have someone special on the team, you may find out what they are soon enough.

In between lessons, we taught all the early years children four dances, led by Elaine. This was very new for the children and their teachers, but everybody had an amazing time and their little faces were beaming with happiness.

After our next lesson, we were taken to visit the marginalised community. We were surprised at how close it was to the school; two minutes from happy, safe SNEHA to an opposite extreme. It was a hard–hitting experience for each of us. Nevertheless, it reminded us why we were here and, personally, I returned to school even more determined to give the children everything I had to make whatever difference I could during my short time here.

During the afternoon lessons, the teachers approached Katie, Laura, Taylor and Aisling because they were inspired by their elephant art and because of this we will be hosting an art training day for teachers in the hotel tomorrow.

At the end of the day, we went to the second part of Gillian’s phonics training. Just before we left, more girls from the vocational training arrived to give us henna ‘tattoos’. The great thing about these programmes is that the girls learn henna art after the school day and are then able to earn money because of their training.

Back at the hotel we began thinking of something cultural to perform at Friday’s assembly. Spoiler alert – it involves us all Irish dancing. I’ll leave you with that image.

Sarah Robinson

Posted in College Team 2019
on Friday 12 April 2019