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Girl Champions

Sunday 14 April 2019

Breakfast at 09:00, what a treat!! After quite a few early mornings on our trip (yes mum, I managed to get out of bed at 05:00), we were lucky enough to have a little lie in thanks to the local elections.  Due to the aforementioned elections, the school and most of the shops and businesses in Dehradun were shut to encourage people to go and vote. This gave us the opportunity to spend the morning in our hotel with the wonderful woman that is Dr. Reeta Rao. We were able to have some very open conversations about SNEHA school and the Girl Champions programme. This was such a humbling experience to hear all about the sacrifices that have been made by many in order to empower women and children through education.

Following this, we spent some time with a number of the teachers from SNEHA in a workshop devised by the College team following a request from some of the teachers to learn more about educating children through art. It was wonderful to have time to chat with fellow teachers and share our ideas on how to deliver art across the curriculum. It also gave us an opportunity to get to know the staff at SNEHA on a more personal level and build important relationships that have definitely made an impact on each of us.

The rest of the day was spent planning for our final day of teaching and organising our cultural assembly. We finished the day off having a beautiful dinner at Hotel Inderlok and having a Vikram race back to our hotel through the streets of Dehradun!

It is hard to believe that our time here is nearly at an end. It has been an incredible experience to work alongside the amazing teams at both schools who have allowed us to have the opportunity to teach their beautiful children. We have witnessed the resilience of so many teachers who have dedicated their lives to empower through education.

Taylor McCoy

Posted in College Team 2019
on Sunday 14 April 2019