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Bags Packed

Monday 15 April 2019

Bags packed and resources for our last day at SNEHA gathered around us, we ate our last breakfast and headed for the school. Over a very short period of time we have built relationships with the children and the staff. This would give the impression that we were all very enthusiastic for the day ahead but, for some of us (maybe it was just me), there was a sense of trepidation as we were to start the day with an exchange of cultural dance and music. This began with a beautiful and meaningful display of traditional and contemporary Indian dance from both the older boys and girls. Then it was our turn. The Saphara team sang and then performed a Céilí dance. We were also the backing dancers for Erin’s solo Irish dancing. Considering the short time in which we had to put this together, I think everyone at home would be impressed by our performance (maybe not mine).

After the previous days of teaching and sharing of good practice, both students and lecturers were pleased to meet with our new friends again. The staff at the school were keen to watch our student teachers deliver the kind innovative art, science, literacy, music and dance lessons they have become accustomed to. In such a short period of time our College students have understood both the limitations and capabilities of the children and the learning space at SNEHA. They have used their knowledge, understanding and the limited resources at their disposal to create effective lessons that have not only enthused the children but fully engaged them in a wide range of topic–based lessons. Teachers, students, lecturers and children all took part today and there were lots of laughs and fun! The teachers at SNEHA have commented on how the children have been displaying new talents that they hope to cultivate in future. They are also very excited to develop dance in the school, to implement the phonics training using the new resources and to develop their use of art in the curriculum with the many resources provide by our students. 

Our guests have been so welcoming and generous in every way so it was very difficult for us to say goodbye and head back to the hotel. Aisling couldn’t bear to leave so she left her handbag behind and she had to go back for it! Once we had eaten some lunch, we headed to the station in the ever popular vikrams. The conversation on the train was all about the schools, the children, what we had learned and how we could do more. I think some people will be back in India one day in the future.

Gillian Beck.

Posted in College Team 2019
on Monday 15 April 2019