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Arriving in Delhi

Sunday 8 April 2018

 Day 1 – Shopping & Gandhi Smriti museum

Upon arriving at Delhi airport, we were welcomed so warmly and presented with necklaces made from beautiful flowers. We were all very tired yet excited to be finally in India after all our efforts of fundraising and preparing throughout the year. Despite being aware of the poverty suffered by many in this country, it did not prevent the shock of seeing people lying or begging on the streets as we drove through.

Greeted with garlands!
Greeted with garlands!


We awoke this morning very excited for our first day in New Delhi. It began with a trip to the West Side clothing shop to purchase our Indian dress. This task proved to be more difficult than originally expected – we were spoilt for choice! After taking some time to deliberate which dress matched a certain colour of trousers (typical girls), we made our way back to the hotel to get ready to head to the Gandhi Smriti museum.  

We spent an hour at the museum exploring the gardens where Gandhi took his last steps before being assassinated. Touring the house in which he lived was a very interesting and educational experience.

Gandhi Museum!
Gandhi Museum!

After returning to the hotel, we gathered for our first Indian dinner together. There was some nervousness and apprehension regarding whether or not we would enjoy the taste of the Indian food. However, as soon as everyone had their first taste, it was clear that the food was not going to go to waste. Almost everyone had seconds and a few people even squeezed in room for thirds!

After dinner an early night was on the cards to prepare for Day 2, and it’s safe to say we didn’t have to be told to get some sleep!

Michaela Doherty, Stranmillis

Posted in College Team – April 2018
on Sunday 8 April 2018