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Unending Biscuits

Friday 14 July 2017

Sadness filled the air as we anticipated our last day at SNEHA *cue endless amounts of crying emojis*. What an absolute pleasure it has been to have spent two amazing weeks in SNEHA. The children were a delight to teach, their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was contagious. To mark our last day, we held a Saphara celebration in the school courtyard with the whole school in attendance. It began with the cuteness of the younger half of the school who displayed a beautiful rendition of a Hindi dance. This was then followed by each of our classes which we taught for the past two weeks showcasing what they had learned to their fellow peers. Class 4 performed a dance displaying the animals in the rainforest, Class 5 sang a short song on the rainforest (a topic they also covered with their Saphara leaders) and Class 7 ended with the “Bone Dance” a performance which Ruairi, Rebekah and myself rehearsed only a few times with the children which they instantly caught on to. Having seen the talent which the children displayed made our trip to SNEHA worthwhile as not only did they learn new and fun things about these various topics but they also strengthen their use of the English language.


The Saphara B&M team ended the celebration by bringing a flare of Irish culture with Irish dancing, the playing of the tin whistle and singing. It was an all–round day full of all kinds of emotions. Each child took the time to say how much they loved having us and followed with a short “Goodbye Mam”. From the moment we drove through the gates of SNEHA, I knew I was about to experience the most inspiring, fun filled few weeks. From start to finish, we all had a ball. Dr Reeta and her family were more than welcoming to us all. Checking in on us every day, taking us on day trips around various parts of Dehradun and providing us with endless amounts of biscuits for break time. 

Back in the Sun
Back in the Sun

To sum up my Saphara experience, it was everything I hoped for and more. I travelled to India in hope of teaching the children, but in actual fact I have learned more from the children. Their happiness and appreciation for our presence was enough to prove that I chose the right profession for me. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that every time I think back on my Saphara experience, I will do so in awe and with a HUGE smile. 

Bring on the next couple of days of touring around India to end our adventure!!!

Annie x

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on Friday 14 July 2017