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Sightseeing Sunday

Tuesday 11 July 2017

For a few in the team, the day began very early as they headed to St Francis of Assisi Church for morning mass. For others, a generous lie in until 9am was greatly appreciated!
After another hearty breakfast in Hotel Relax, we used our free morning to visit Tap Keshwar, a Hindu temple on the outskirts of Dehradun. I found it to be a tremendously illuminating experience observing Hindu worship, exploring the tight tunnels and viewing all the different Hindu gods.

Following our visit to Tap Keshwar, we returned to Dehradun and had our lunch at trusty McDonald’s (no salad, no ice, standard). At the end of lunch, most of the team went back to the hotel for a quick cool down before our afternoon activity. I used the time to travel to Bazaar India and purchase a cheeky pink kurta which everyone agreed was beautiful.

Seeing the Sights
Seeing the Sights

Our afternoon involved a visit to the Mindrolling Monastery, a Buddhist refuge which Ron (Dr Reeta’s son) kindly showed us around and gave us an insight into Buddhist teachings. The vast statues carved from solid gold and the various Stupa (worship rooms) were absolutely spellbinding. I loved the amount of colour and the focus on peace and happiness within Buddhism really resonated with me.

Our evening was familiarly filled with pondering over what to eat, planning lessons for tomorrow and playing a few games (during which Ryan’s sportsmanship was questionable).

That’s it from me – I’m having a brilliant time on the journey and loving everyone on the team. Missing my wonderful family and friends of course but I’m sure they can cope for one more week without me!

Ross x

Dipping our toes in
Dipping our toes in
Posted in Student Team 2017
on Tuesday 11 July 2017