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Pun Intended

Friday 14 July 2017

It is a pity Barra Best hadn’t sent us a weather warning this morning to prepare us for what was the most amount of rainfall many of us have ever seen – but we did not let the heavy rainfall dampen our spirits.


We began teaching our lessons as normal in the classroom as the torrential rain escalated beyond belief. We ensured our students remained focused on each lesson while having fun throughout as the rainfall was very distracting and frightening for us all. Coming from Ireland we were all well used to rainfall but certainly not to the extent we witnessed today.

Parents flooded in to the school grounds (pun not intended) in troops to pick up their children as the continuous rainfall began to become increasingly worrying. Dehradun State Government advised that all schools should close. However, the staff felt that the children were much safer in the school grounds as many of the children’s homes in the community began to flood. 


After a number of hours the heavy rainfall began to ease off and the school day came to a close. Our day was brightened up when both the student and school team were fortunate to get henna drawn on our arms and hands by the talented senior students in SNEHA. The creativity and imagination of the students’ skills were displayed through their piece of art printed on our arms. The henna tattoos turned out beautifully and we were all very grateful for Dr Reeta allowing the students to demonstrate their skills on us. 

Dinner and one final night of lesson planning was on tonight’s agenda. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow draws our time at SNEHA School to a close but with planning of celebrations in full swing we will ensure it is a day to remember with plenty of fun, games and sweets. 

Claire xx

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on Friday 14 July 2017