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High Flyers

Sunday 9 July 2017

We awoke this morning at 8am to the breath taking views of the Himalayan mountains in Mussoorie. After spending almost a week in Dehradun we welcomed the peace and quiet of Mussoorie with open arms and even got to have breakfast outside with a view… which couldn’t have been more perfect until the banana snatcher (aka monkey) darted from the roof and robbed Claire’s breakfast. Note for future: never leave bananas unattended when there are monkeys lurking. 


We were then privileged to attend a workshop with Surender Singh, a truly inspirational man. We were amazed to hear his story and the journey he undertook in becoming a key member in the MGVS chairty who work with the marginalised communities. Being able to hear Surender explain the impact that Saphara has had on supporting his work not only through education but in other ways e.g building toilet facilities. This made our previous fundraising efforts even more fulfilling!

Leaving on a high and feeling inspired, the student team set off to Kaplani high school to host a party to celebrate the outstanding examination results of the students in class 10. We recognised their success by providing each excellent achiever with a certificate, medal and saphara hoodie. Looking around I felt like they were not the only ones that had been rewarded in the room as the student team were beaming in response to the proud faces of the graduates. The celebration was made even more special by recognising those who achieved the highest accolade, First Division and that of Deepika who was presented with an Irish souvenir for her outstanding performance and top regional result. Saphara are rooting for their ongoing success!

At Kaplani
At Kaplani

The celebration continued with some coke, sweets and mingling between the student team and class 10 graduates. Some past Kaplani pupils who had moved onto university were also present to show their support and provide advice to the graduates. 


It was truly motivating to talk to past pupils who are completing nursing, teaching and banking degrees given their circumstances and conditions at home and I feel privileged to be part of Saphara who makes those individuals ambitions possible.

After another dose of travel sickness tablets to ease the bumpy journey to Dehradun we have arrived back to the familiar sounds of honking horns, busy streets and the humid heat – the place we will call home for another week!

Over and out,
Lisa x

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on Sunday 9 July 2017