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Class Trip

Thursday 13 July 2017

Another wonderful day teaching in SNEHA! The children amaze us more and more each day. Class 4 started their new topic, Egyptians. While class 5 carried on with Rainforests and class 7 The Human Body. 

After school Dr Reeta and her son, Ron, kindly offered to take us to the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun. As the tourist attraction was at the other side of Dehradun, it provided us with the opportunity to see more of the city. It was a very interesting trip which gave us an insight into where SNEHA take their children for educational school trips.

As tiredness is starting to take its toll on everyone, we had a night in. Ryan generously created a pub quiz for the team which brought out a competitive side to everyone. Unfortunately the boys took the lead from the outset, leaving us girls questioning our knowledge.

All set for another day in SNEHA, drawing our fun filled two weeks to a near end.

Lauren x

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on Thursday 13 July 2017