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Clashing Colours and Culture

Monday 3 July 2017

After a delayed flight in Dublin, a four hour layover in Amsterdam and a total of 24 hours of travelling… WE HAVE ARRIVED IN INDIA. Fortunately enough, taking the weather with us as our first day in Delhi involved torrential rain fall and a high humidity level. With the warmth in the air and our new attitude of embracing our sweat patches in public, we went to ‘Fab India’ to get kitted out in fab new clothing for our Indian adventure.

Having raided the shop in search for the brightest and boldest colours to wear, we then went to visit the Gandhi Museum, an experience we will never forget. Learning about Gandhi’s life and how so little possessions allowed for him to lead a settled life. Ending our tour on a high by watching the wildlife marking their territory around the facility, i.e. finding a lizard in the girl’s bathroom and a family of monkeys abusing the locals with fruit they had taken from the nearby trees.

Day 1
Day 1

Later this evening, we experienced our first taste of the Indian culture with rice, nan bread and buttered chicken. All of which went down a treat as everyone ventured for second and third sharing’s of food.

A brilliant start to a brilliant adventure… much more to follow!

Annie x

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on Monday 3 July 2017