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Haridwar and Riskikesh

Friday 15 July 2016

This morning we woke up to a change in routine which unfortunately did not involve travelling to Sneha School. This was something all of us found strange as it had become normal and part of our day. Instead we enjoyed some free time as a team and set off to explore a new area of India, Riskikesh. We were all excited for a spot of sight seeing.After a dodgey bus journey we landed to our glamorous hotel which was situated on the bank of the Ganges, only to find our rooms had been upgraded to ones with a balcony view of the famous river.Next on our list was to pay a visit to Neer Waterfall which didn’t disappoint.

 After a short trek up the Himalayas (nothing compared to Donk) we made it to the top waterfall. After the journey up we were all more than ready to cool down and enjoyed some games in the pool. I think we all came to the conclusion Bronagh won shoulder wars. We then set off home and by this stage we were all more than ready for a dominos pizza (which we never want to see again in a hurry when we get home).

To end a great day tonight we went to Haridwar to take part in the Arti Festival and sent flowers down the Ganges. This was a great experience and we all enjoyed taking part in some of the Indian culture. Today was just the start of a brilliant last weekend in India before it all comes to an end.

Over & out the two Aoife’s

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on Friday 15 July 2016