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Definitely the hottest day!

Wednesday 13 July 2016

 As we stepped out of the hotel today after having our cornflakes and an abundance of toast, the humidity and the Indian heat hit us with force. It was definitely the hottest day since going to the Taj Mahal at the beginning of the trip. So with sweat already upon us at 8am we got on the Vikrams and travelled to Sneha School for our penultimate day. There was a mix of emotions in the air as we knew that this was our last day we would have conversation classes with the older pupils who we have grown to love over the past two weeks. The teaching classes all went very well and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. When the time came to take the conversation classes we were all very excited like we are every time we see these wonderful pupils, yet we knew we wanted to make it memorable, not only for the pupils but for the team too. We brought sweets and biscuits for them and gave them the cards we had made the night before which they really loved. We said our goodbyes to the classes and left to return to the hotel, feeling extremely gratified to have taught them and to have seen the amazing impression we have had on them over such a short period of time. 

Students at SNEHA
Students at SNEHA

In the evening, we arranged to have a meal at “Salt and Cravings” a restaurant we have grown to dream about, that and Oreo McFlurrys in McDonalds. We invited Nadesh to join us as a farewell meal and to show our deep appreciation for the love and kindness he has shown us over the past two weeks; he is such an inspiration to us all and we enjoyed his company while we ate, played games and shared stories. I just wish you all at home could meet Nadesh! Dr Reeta Rao from Sneha sent a beautiful traditional Indian cake to the restaurant which was the perfect end to the evening before heading back to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow’s celebration day at Sneha which we all are very excited for!

Love Dayna

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on Wednesday 13 July 2016