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Songs and Stoires

Sunday 4 November 2018

Today was our last day at SNEHA, our last day of teaching during the trip, and so for our last day we needed to do something big! So, to begin our day we got breakfast and headed off on the bumpy Vikram. When we got to the school, we had the pleasure to enjoy some singing and dancing, performed by SNEHA’s own students. Their performances were amazing, funny and heart–warming. We performed as well, in hopes of them being able to be taught the song and perform it in future, the song was called “If I were a butterfly”. The students really enjoyed the song, and we really enjoyed performing for them. 

After this morning’s assembly, in our two classes, class one and class two, we put together performances of our own to show what the children have learnt while we were there. The performances were based on the two books each class were reading, “Monkey puzzle” and “Walking through the jungle”. The performances required the classes to be split in to groups and encouraging each child in the group to read a line or two from the books. The children were extremely pleased with what they had been able to accomplish within 3 days of having us there. The teachers were over–joyed when they had seen what the children could also accomplish.

Dylan and Victoria

Posted in Bangor Team 2018
on Sunday 4 November 2018