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Safe Haven

Friday 2 November 2018

Our first day at SNEHA started in a racing Vikram convoy to greet the keen children of SNEHA Academy. Once we made it through the winding streets in the scorching heat of Dehradun we were ready for our first day of teaching at SNEHA. We were greeted with a military standard assembly full of joyful hymns executed by the most enthusiastic children of all ages we have ever seen in our lives. A life changing assembly. When they started singing “Jesus’ love is very wonderful” it reminded us of home teaching the children in my Sunday school class. After every individual pupil finished greeting us with ‘good morning mam/sir’ we got a personal tour of the school in the middle of the hot and loud city of Dehradun. It felt like a safe haven. 

Going into our first lesson we were nervous about meeting our class of 50 children. When we entered the classroom, we were greeted with “Good Morning sir, Good Morning mam”. This put us straight at ease. Splitting into our small groups it was amazing to see the eagerness of the children to learn compared to the attitude we have towards school. The children will never fail to surprise you with their range of abilities leaving you in constant awe at their amazing countless talents. After a successful 3 periods of laughs and learning from each other, we have never been more excited for another day of teaching at SNEHA Academy tomorrow. We are truly grateful for this amazing opportunity. God bless 

Charlie and Amy

Posted in Bangor Team 2018
on Friday 2 November 2018