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The Value of Education

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Today the enthusiastic energy flooded the classroom as we entered; the children’s faces were full of delight and happiness when we introduced games such as Buzzy Bees. Excitement filled the air as we started to teach the children directions through song – ‘Where is Mister Monkey?’ Voices were raised and nervous vibes were muted as the children proudly sang this in small groups in front of their peers. Watching their progress in confidence and learning definitely put a smile on our faces. Teaching these ever so grateful children has positively changed my outlook on education!

As our teaching experience at Kaplani neared conclusion, the reality sank in. We would no longer have the pleasure of observing what pure joy and excitement looked like, or the sheer hunger and desire to learn. As we finished our last game of Buzzy Bees we were approached and surrounded, receiving the most powerful group hugs ever and being called Mulla Bulla (my brother). Bouncing around like popcorn kernels in a frying pan, we enjoyed the final moments. As we walked away I realised the genuine power and value of education through the smiling faces of the kids and it has provided me with a memory I will surely never forget.

Gareth and Rebecca

Posted in Bangor Team 2018
on Tuesday 30 October 2018