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Developing Confidence

Monday 29 October 2018

Everything began overwhelmingly; absorbing the contrasting Indian culture but momentarily anticipating our teaching “fate” minutes before our first lesson of teaching.
To my surprise, all nerves were immediately alleviated walking in to the beautiful smiles. We were all greeted in English as we set to commence our lesson. Throughout the lesson, there was a key moment where I gave Asha, the smallest girl in our class, a golden sticker to commend her work and she cherished it. Normally, this act would be so insignificant at home. 

Focusing on emotions and helping develop confidence through speaking has been very eye opening for me and furthermore, rewarding. Not only am I able to establish an involvement in creating opportunities for these children through English language but I’m learning important life lessons on the way. 


Posted in Bangor Team 2018
on Monday 29 October 2018