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Shopping and Peaceful Contemplation

Saturday 30 June 2018

After 4 hours sleep we arose like zombies plodding down stairs to get our first breakfast. We were amused by the red jam which was actually banana flavoured. This fact continues to bemuse Hannah.

We were all excited to get our dresses in and Indian H and M style shop, while the boy went to a small store for their brightly coloured kurtas. Some of us might have taken a wee while to choose which meant that a lot of the best and most colourful clothes went really quickly! Also, on reflection a white scarf is not a good choice when you’re eating colourful curry. They are now multiple shades of orange.

We then had our first meal out of the hotel, branching out to a choice Indian McDonald’s, which helped us ease into our new spicy diet slowly. A 9 piece chicken nugget meal tastes as good on this side of the world as it does in the UK, if not better!

After lunch we headed to the Gandhi Museum. We were so keen to learn the history of Gandhi, and the gardens were beautiful and a great place to take a photo.

The hotel that night gave us their famous ‘butter chicken’. As you will find out, we like chicken so this was an excellent choice for us. We had a small reflection session on the day which highlighted everyone’s different and amazing experiences of India so far. Straight after this we conked out in bed knowing we had another early start at 5:30 the next morning!

Georgia and Hannah 

Posted in Lurgan & Holywood Team 2018
on Saturday 30 June 2018