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Our Global Awareness Weekend

Tuesday 10 July 2018

On Sunday morning, following Saturday night’s preparation, we began what we referred to as ‘The Happening’. This is an event included in the Global Awareness Weekend where everyone is given the opportunity to reflect on the Saphara experience and share his/her thoughts on the journey so far. We shared deep and meaningful feelings, allowing everyone to have a voice without any judgement being passed. This brought us closer together as a team and gave us the much–needed opportunity to take a weight off our shoulders by reading aloud: quotes from the Bible, personal reflections, significant song lyrics and well thought out poems. 

After this emotional event we began our descent from the peaceful Himalayan mountains to the busy city of Dehradun. With the change in altitude and heat the group had become significantly more tired and in need of a nice warm bed.

 After some downtime the team reassembled in the new location – Hotel Relax – to eat our ritual dish of curry (with some nan) for lunch. With the day quickly passing by we began to plan our first two lessons that we would teach in SNEHA the next day. After spending more time than expected on planning, the leaders treated us to a well–earned home ritual dish of McDonalds nuggets (fish fillet for Jack and Caitlin). After filling up we were allowed some free time in Dehradun to grab a quick ice cream, stack up on snacks and watch Jack Martin become the new Virat Kohli (when finding indoor cricket nets above the arcade and ice cream parlour). 

After a long day we returned to Hotel Relax by a new mode of transport, the Vikram. With a group of 20 restless teenagers the leaders made a swift and smart decision, to ‘call it a night’. We thought it was best to get a good night’s sleep before embarking on the second stage of our Saphara journey 

Jack Martin & Lucia

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on Tuesday 10 July 2018