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Heading back to Delhi!

Friday 13 July 2018

Waking up with the knowledge that we wouldn’t be teaching in SNEHA today was hard for our team to contend with. However, this morning we had the privilege of hosting twenty pupils and all of the staff at SNEHA. As our wonderful leaders Bernie and Jo hosted a Staff Development Programme, we had the opportunity to practise our singing and a bit of dancing for our presentation later that day. We as the Down team felt that singing to the teachers of SNEHA after a devastating day could hopefully put a smile on their faces. It is humbling to hear that one student who joined us had lost his house, another nearly drowned and the majority of them were at the school from early morning to attempt to clean up the mess. It’s safe to say that music really does bring people together. After singing “Perfect” and “Magnificat” we then attempted to sing “Telephone to Jesus”. This song was taught to us at the assembly at which we took part on Tuesday. The teachers’ reactions to this was priceless and before long the entire gathering was singing and dancing.

The SNEHA teachers taught us some traditional Indian dances. This was hilarious for them as our dance moves were definitely not as good as our singing and that’s saying something! As the teachers and students left, it was an honour to see how grateful they were for our small token of appreciation as they are all very inspirational people.

The rest of our day was spent packing and preparing for our 6–hour train journey to Delhi. We returned to Hotel Saar where it all began over two weeks ago. What an incredible journey! 

Ellen and Caitlin


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on Friday 13 July 2018