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Best day of our lives!

Monday 2 July 2018

After the latest start so far, at 7am we got breakfast and hit the road in the exhilarating Vikrams and headed to SNEHA school. The sights and sounds travelling through Dehradun were a culture shock. Looking at the more disadvantaged communities made us all realise how lucky we actually are.

Arriving at SNEHA was extremely nerve wrecking, yet one of the best moments in our lives. Assembly had just begun as we walked through the playground with every class standing in perfect formation listening attentively. It was their first day of the new school year and I really don’t know who was more excited – them or us! As we stood there we all gazed in awe and the excitement on their faces was a sight nobody will ever forget. Once assembly was over each and every student stood tall to sing their national anthem. This was quite an emotional scene as we witnessed how devoted and proud they were to be part of their school and community.

The moment came for our first lesson and we stood outside the classroom buzzing with excitement, seeing all the children looking and waving. Walking into the class, butterflies in our stomachs, ready to make a difference to these children’s lives we began the lesson. Each of us took a small group of students to a corner of the room and sat comfortably with them sharing a book and beginning to build relationships like never before. Each and every student sat in wonder, unable to take their eyes off our faces while absorbing every word. Walking out of the first lesson was the most amazing feeling as we knew we had made their day a little bit better.

Once lessons were prepared for tomorrow, we spent the rest of the evening exploring Dehradun before retiring to the hotel to reflect on the first teaching day of an amazing journey. We will get some rest before starting again tomorrow to continue what we came to do, our Journey with Purpose.

Odhrán Dougan & Dessie McCorry


Lauren Teaching
Lauren Teaching
Meabh Teaching
Meabh Teaching


Posted in Lurgan & Holywood Team 2018
on Monday 2 July 2018