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Conversation and Craic

Tuesday 3 July 2018

By now 7am is beginning to feel like a generous lie in. We began the day making the somewhat uncomfortable yet exciting journey to SNEHA in the Vikrams. We arrived to be greeted once again by smiling faces which calmed our nerves instantly. That morning the corridors of the school were filled with laughter, cheering and an unforgettable buzz. We think we can speak for everyone when we say getting to know our junior classes is a truly unique experience that gets more incredible with every lesson.

As the day progressed we met with Dr. Reeta who told her story of her desire to create a safe educational environment for the poorest of the community. Her story struck a chord with each of us, all inspired by her faith and determination. This was when we all discovered what we are here for and how the right mind–set can turn nothing into something so special.

In the afternoon the conversation classes which had previously been met with anxiety, quickly became a safe space in which we could both learn and teach. Getting to know teenagers who shared many of our interests meant that we immediately forgot our differences.

We headed back to the hotel for an evening of lesson planning and were rewarded with a trip to the shop. I don’t think any of us had ever been more excited to see crisps and Cadbury’s chocolate and it changed the atmosphere in the hotel from one of exhaustion to one of joy. Every night during reflections we are all amazed by what we have learnt and we all hugely look forward to continuing our journey.

Hannah and her Group
Hannah and her Group


Posted in Lurgan & Holywood Team 2018
on Tuesday 3 July 2018