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The Journey

Saturday 30 June 2018

The journey started at 4am on Glengall street. We had a 2 hour journey down to Dublin. Everyone was very excited despite some grumpiness at being up so early. Once we arrived in Dublin we all looked like we were heading off to our gold Duke of Edinburgh Award as we approached security. We then went and weighed our bags and the weight of Georgia’s suggested she was feeding the 5000. Ellie was the chosen one when it came to excess baggage as she had ‘too many’ straps. We finally got on the plane after a strong coffee. As we boarded the plane we were all amazed as it provided us with TV’s, blankets, pillows and headphones for us all!

After 8 hrs 30mins we eventually arrived in Abu Dhabi on little sleep. It was a quick turn around we just had enough time to eat a mountain of dried fruit and have a competitive/sleepy game of uno on the terminal floor. 

The second flight was only four hours long which just gave Mr Miller (aka Andrew) time to give us a geography lesson!

We arrived in a very warm New Delhi we were greeted with fresh orange garlands…this was our first photo opportunity of many (and maybe our sweatiest)! 

Paula was amazing at navigating us through a very busy airport and onto our bus. However, if we thought the airport was busy, we were even more surprised by the roads. But we were in good hands as our driver exclaimed that when he drove he, ‘felt like James Bond!’

When we arrived at the hotel we got a much needed drink of water and flopped straight onto our beds.

Georgia and Hannah

Posted in Lurgan & Holywood Team 2018
on Saturday 30 June 2018