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Journey’s End

Sunday 5 November 2017

Today was the last day of our life–changing trip to India. I think I can safely say on behalf of the whole group that what we have experienced and accomplished here in India over the last ten days has been astonishing. We can’t wait to come home and share all of the amazing stories and experiences we’ve been given; whether they be bad jokes, lifelong friends or amazing photos, I can say that we all have had a blast. However, all good things must come to an end and this trip was no exception.

Today we awoke to the holiday fireworks for Guru Nanak’s birthday, got breakfast at about 10 o’clock which on this trip was a lie in.  We then all hopped in to our taxis and travelled down to the Cottage Emporium where we spent the last of our precious rupees on souvenirs for ourselves, our families and friends. After shopping till we dropped we had to rejuvenate, and what better way than in a coffee shop, where an assortment of exotic shakes, coffees and cakes went down a treat before jumping back into our taxis and off to the peaceful Lotus Temple. 

The Lotus Temple is without a doubt the most amazing place I have set foot in.  There was a huge queue waiting to get in but it was worth the wait to see the Lotus Temple in all its glory.  The outside of this amazing temple was in the shape of a lotus flower – hence the name – and was a beautiful piece of architecture.  Before going into the temple we were told that it is a place of worship and that everyone is free to stay as long as they want to pray or to have time with their thoughts.  Sitting here I was really able to reflect about everything that we as a team had done for the children and the teachers and also how they have impacted me as a person.  Leaving the Lotus Temple really drew a close to our time as tourists in India and was one step closer to our plane journey’s home. 

Our final visit was to the Irish Ambassador who kindly had invited us to join his for afternoon tea – the cakes were amazing! We had a great time telling him all about our trip and how Saphara is impacting the lives of so many children.  And then it was often to the airport for our flights home. Can’t wait to see everyone!

Rhys Ditty, Calum Smyth and Aeron Harrison

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on Sunday 5 November 2017