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Reflections from the Belfast Team

Sunday 21 July 2013


As we head home here are our final reflections on our amazing trip

Loved absolutely everything about the trip and the team, amazing start to the summer! – Rachel, BHS

Saphara has surpassed every expectation I had, both in terms of teaching and the amazing atmosphere within the group. Thanks everyone! – Matthew K, BHS

It’s so difficult to sum up Saphara in one sentence! I loved every minute of it and am so thankful to have had this fantastic team to enjoy it with – Saoirse, Aquinas

Best experience ever. Definitely don’t want to go home. (Sorry mum and dad…) – James, Aquinas

Unforgettable and life changing. GREAT TRIP – Niall, Aquinas

An incredible trip, couldn’t have predicted what an amazing experience we would all have together–personal highlights were teaching the kids and the fun we had as a group. – Ciaran, Aquinas

It was brilliant, loved every single minute and met so many incredible and inspiring people. – Ella, Aquinas

An amazing two weeks in India. Made so many new friends and great memories, simply incredible! – Amaia, Aquinas

Incredible. Loved working with the kids and hope to get the opportunity to go again. –Gemma, Dominican, Fortwilliam

Just unbelievable, probably the best thing I will ever get to do! – Catherine, Dominican, Fortwilliam

An experience of a lifetime – enjoyed every minute and loved working with the children, would definitely love to go back. Thanks to Christine, Andrea, the teachers and the team for making it such a good trip! – Emma, Dominican, Fortwilliam

The best experience of my life so far! I love this group of people and I loved teaching the kids :) – Jessica, Dominican, Fortwilliam

More than I could ever imagine. A trip and an adventure that I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life! Memories and friends for life! – Orla, Dominican, Fortwilliam

A life changing experience which I will treasure and value for the rest of my days! An amazing two weeks and an incredible group of people to have spent it with– hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to have the opportunity to do it all again someday! – Katherine, Dominican, Fortwilliam

So surreal and just a fantastic experience all round, couldn’t have asked for a better summer. – Andrew, St Malachy’s

Unforgettable experience. Would definitely do it again, for longer. – Matthew G, St Malachy’s

Inspiring experience in every sense of the word. A wonderful trip and an even better group of people – Chris, St Malachy’s

Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to keep ‘er lit with. Friendships and memories that will last a life time. An amazing trip. Certainly one to tell the grandchildren about. – Aidan, St Malachy’s

Changed my view on life and the world. Because of this trip and what I’ve seen during it I now plan to see as much of earth as I can in one lifetime. One of, if not the, best experience of my life so far. – Conal, St Malachy’s

A truly amazing and unforgettable trip with the most amazing people. I wouldn’t have asked for a better team. – Conor, St Malachy’s

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on Sunday 21 July 2013