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Friday 15 September 2017

Babita has long been one of our success stories, but she has outdone herself again.


Babita is from Donk village, a beautiful but long trek away from many amenities, and if it weren’t for Saphara and MGVS, she would have lived even further away from an education. The government provides a school for every 1000 people, but the population is so spare in the area that the nearest school could be miles away. Donk Primary and Kaplani High were built to provide Babita not only attended these schools, but excelled in them. She subsequently became one of the first Saphara sponsored young people to go to college. 

We are so delighted to announce that she has now passed her B.Ed. entrance exam and will soon be training as a teacher in Dehradun. This is an incredible example of how education can empower young people in India to change their world – and in Babita’s case, the world of lots of her future students. 

We couldn’t be more delighted for her and will keep you updated when we can.

Babita has also taken a turn at the small screen, appearing in our Girl Declaration Video. Check it out below. 

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on Friday 15 September 2017