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Inspirational Girls: Saru

Friday 16 October 2015

As International Day of the Girl is in October, Saphara is highlighting inspirational girls and young women in India who, with our support, have been empowered to change their lives.

Saru and Christine
Saru and Christine

Like Saru who lives in a remote Himalayan village and contracted polio as a young child, leaving her with very limited mobility. This meant she couldn’t go to school and faced discrimination due to her disability – even among her own family. With Saphara’s support she has been taught tailoring skills – and the clothes she makes brings income into her family which in turn enhances her status. Well done Saru!

Seeing Saru’s courage in coping with her disability and her determination to become independent inspired Christine when she first met her in her Himalayan village home last year. It seemed such a tragedy that polio had left her unable to walk. After many inquiries, we found out that a local hospital could offer surgery which would enable Saru to walk again. Saphara was delighted to be able to fund this – and now Saru is able to walk around her home and village with the aid of a walking frame. What an inspiration Saru is!

The Amazing Saru
The Amazing Saru

PS Our final pleasure has been to build a toilet for Saru – properly adapted for her needs.


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on Friday 16 October 2015