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Celebrating with Class 10 in Kaplani High School

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Kaplani High School is the next step for students from Donk and, on a good day, must be one of the most picturesque schools in the world. The 60 students come from all over the surrounding area and stay until 10th class, our GCSE equivalent.

Class 10 received the results of their final exams just a few weeks before we headed off to India in July. Everyone did well, but 3 girls got the TOP grade – first division!! So, the 2015 Student Team took a day visit to Kaplani to celebrate and congratulate all students on their amazing achievements!

The Celebration Day
The Celebration Day

Huge well done to them all, but especially Prabha, Reeta Joshi and Chandani Pundeer for their outstanding results! Each pupil was presented with a personalised collage containing photographs of working with Saphara during their school years at Kaplani High School, as well as a special Saphara medal.

Education is at the heart of all that Saphara does in India. We believe that education is the key to empowering young people from disadvantaged communities to escape from poverty.

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on Wednesday 16 September 2015