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An amazing week!

Friday 10 July 2015

 It is now a week since 40 young people and teachers headed to India full of excitement for their Saphara Journey with Purpose. 

A week later I am full of admiration for the wonderful lessons taught in Kaplani High School by the North Belfast Team. They’ve inspired the Indian children with their lessons which are full of both fun and learning. And they in turn have been inspired by the Kaplani kids whose passion for education causes them to trudge through monsoon rain for an hour or more to get to school each day.

Kaplani HS
Kaplani HS

The student team has done a fantastic job too – teaching large classes of enthusiastic children at SNEHA school.

Our new Personal Development lessons have gone so well in both schools – a chance for all the young people to explore how special they are – and a follow on from the new Girls’ Resilience Program we are funding in both schools.

Kaplani HS
Kaplani HS

So now I’m off to the airport to meet the East Belfast Team arriving this morning. Keep reading the blogs for the next exciting installments!


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on Friday 10 July 2015