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Friday 11 July 2014

45 more children to receive Saphara midday meal! 

Visiting a new school is always exciting – so today when I and four of the young people visited a primary school, Himalayan Torchbearer’s, close to Kaplani High school we were delighted to find 45 lovely kids getting a wonderful education from 3 committed young teachers. The visit had been arranged by Surender Singh the director of MGVS – the local charity which runs Kaplani HS – and one of Saphara’s major partners. He and I spoke to the principal about the nutritious midday meal that is cooked for the 70 Kaplani pupils each day and her face lit up with our suggestion of extending the meal to her 45 pupils. As I have mentioned before, half of under 5s in rural India suffer from malnutrition and one third of the malnourished children in the world live in India. While the Indian government has schemes to address this issue, rural areas often have difficulty accessing this help.

So we are delighted that we can increase our midday meal scheme to almost 150 children – and to make sure that girls who are most likely to be malnourished are getting a proper meal.

Himalayan Torchbearer's School
Himalayan Torchbearer's School
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on Friday 11 July 2014