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New Website Highlights

Thursday 24 July 2014

You are all very welcome the the shiny, sparkly, squeaky clean new Saphara website! 

This has been in the process of creation for some months now and we are very happy to have it ready to go for the 2014 summer teams. We just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of highlights that you will not want to miss.

For anyone wishing to read the blogs of the four student and school teams about to go out make sure to click here for our blog section. You can also keep in touch via our facebook page and our twitter.


Saphara’s work focuses on empowerment for the whole community but has a special interest in giving girls the potential to change their own lives away from discrimination. Our Girls page has all the info on our initiatives and will soon have some of their own very personal stories both on film and in writing.

If you want to see what Saphara’s impact has been it’s first five years of existance, look no further than our Impact page showing all our vital statistics.

‘Saphara has made me value the greatest gift anyone could give to someone – an education.’
Jonny, Belfast Team 2010


Last but definitely not least, Sapharians have managed to take a number of beautiful photos from the last few years so why not take a peak at the most recent ones, with plenty more to follow!

There are so many stories to share with you and we will be constantly updating the website to keep you informed. So make sure to check back regularly!

Saphara. Journey with Purpose.

SNEHA girls
SNEHA girls


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on Thursday 24 July 2014