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Monday 21 July 2014

Ashu’s Initiative 

A few days ago I met a most inspiring young woman whose story sums up everything Saphara is about. 

Ashu has been a student at SNEHA School since nursery – and stayed at school all the way through to the final 12th Class, graduating last year. 


She succeeded in getting a place at university – which is very impressive for a girl coming from a very impoverished family living in the marginalized community (as we prefer to call the slum).

But this is only the beginning of the story. Ashu is so keen to see other children from her community benefit from education at SNEHA that she has started a pre–school class for little kids from the very poorest families – the ‘rag–pickers’. She teaches them how to sit and listen and learn their letters and numbers. The mothers are so amazed by what Ashu has herself achieved that they are keen to have their children at her class. Once she feels they are ready she brings them to SNEHA to be admitted to school. To encourage Ashu in this great initiative Saphara will be giving her a small bursary for each child enrolled at school through her efforts.

What a girl!

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on Monday 21 July 2014