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A Real Adventure

Tuesday 8 July 2014

We’ve had a wonderful few days in Delhi and at the Taj Mahal. 

It was a really important time for team to bond and start the wonderful friendships that last much longer than their 16 day Indian adventure.

But now the real adventure begins. We are here 7000 feet up in the amazing Himalayan foothills – my favourite place on earth. I’m sitting in a little roadside stall drinking hot sweet chai – while sounds of excited children drift up from Kaplani School on the hillside below. Our young people are having a great time teaching English to these wonderful children who are so eager to learn.

Mussoorie Hills
Mussoorie Hills

As I sit here, mothers walks past with huge bundles of grass on their heads to feed their goats. A father passes by leading a mule carrying precious milk on the hour–long walk into Mussoorie to earn enough for the family to survive for another day. All this is a reminder of how important the Saphara midday meal is for the 90 children at Kaplani and Donk schools – especially as 50% of under 5s in rural India are malnourished.

How vital education is if these children are to escape the poverty in which their families have lived for generations – so to all at home who have supported Saphara in this past year – you are making a REAL DIFFERENCE to the lives of these children and their families. Thank you.


– Christine

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on Tuesday 8 July 2014