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Women’s Team April 2017 – Day 1

Saturday 1 April 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017

Impact, Partners, Opportunity.

Amazing first day in India! Our trip started with an inspirational meeting with the Master Trainers for the Girls Resilience Programme.  Trainers from the NGO’s (Non–Governmental Organisations) who partner and receive support from Saphara, talked about how the programme benefited themselves and the positive impact it had on the girls and women participants.  It was wonderful to hear how the girls are being empowered to escape from challenging circumstances and to have dreams for the future. 

Partners Meeting
Partners Meeting

This programme is an initiative developed to empower young people and women to build their confidence and self–esteem.  This is actioned through addressing both physical and mental health issues, along with offering support such as counselling.

There were five NGO’s on this course, each recalling stories that were personal to their experiences. There were two women’s stories which particularly impacted us.

Firstly, Trisha from MGVS (Mussoorie Gramin Vikas Samiti), recalled how a woman who suffered from domestic abuse had been given the confidence through the programme to reach out for help, this resulted in her being removed from the situation. She explained how this was a massive step for both her and her family.

Secondly, A past pupil from SNEHA, Vinita, who was living within a marginalised community was given the opportunity to work as a classroom assistant.  As her confidence grew, she began to believe she could do and achieve more.  Dr Reeta encouraged her to gain training and to subsequently bring the Girls Resilience Programme back to her school and community.

Meeting these people and hearing personal narratives had a deep effect on us all, and has set the tone for this trip.  We are overwhelmed by the extent of the reach Saphara now has, not only in the schools but also into the community.

We are all excited to learn and see more during our next days here.

Photo Credits: Flo Adair


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on Saturday 1 April 2017