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Women’s Team April 2017 – Day 6

Thursday 6 April 2017

Thursday 6th April 2017

Creative, Health, Reluctance.

This morning we packed up our personal belongings and headed to Kaplani High School where we were to spend our last day in Mussoorie. At Kaplani High School the girls resilience group presented 2 skits which they had composed themselves on the theme of malnutrition. Kaplani High School also runs a similar programme for boys who also participated in the skits. It was great to see how enthusiastic and confident they were in presenting these short dramas.

Kaplani School
Kaplani School

Afterwards the pupils from Himalayan Torch Bearers School joined us for some stories, activities and crafts. This was focused around our themes of health, hygiene and the hungry caterpillar. This gave us the opportunity to carry out some basic health checks, such as eye tests on all the pupils. Some of the children who were initially very timid were soon enthusiastically participating in all the activities and were very pleased with the beautiful butterflies they created in the craft time.

Creative Hungry Caterpillar
Creative Hungry Caterpillar


Eye Tests
Eye Tests

We then joined the children and staff after these sessions at the midday meals programme to experience these meals funded by Saphara.

After this we had to bade farewell to Surrender and the other MGVS staff who have inspired us so much over the last few days, which we did with reluctant hearts. Their dedication to the work that they do in these schools and the surrounding communities is remarkable.

So, after a brief stop off at the Himalayan Weavers, we took taxis back down to Dehradun, to enjoy a lovely meal together and give some of our final reflections on this trip. All agree that this adventure has been a life changing experience and that Saphara is changing the lives of so many young people in some of the poorest regions of Northern India.

Thank you for supporting us and the work we partner with others in doing. We are excited to share these stories and so many more on our return to Northern Ireland, to the communities we live within.

Flo Adair

Photo Credits: Flo Adair

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on Thursday 6 April 2017