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Hello India!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Today we visited Anurag School in Dehli, which offers an education to women and children from the marginalised communities around the school – there are no school buses folks, all the children come to school on foot through the narrowly winding streets. And yes, they have classes on a Saturday! However, this was no ordinary Saturday morning for the pupils, as we realised when we arrived. The children had spent weeks practicing and making costumes in preparation for our visit, and we were treated to the most beautiful display of traditional Indian dancing.

Children at Anurag School
Children at Anurag School

We then visited the pupils in classes, where they showed us the work they have been doing in their favourite lessons, Geography, Science and English. What struck me about the visit to Anurag was the sheer joy and enthusiasm for learning that all of the young people seem to have. 

Jacqui in Anurag
Jacqui in Anurag

Without any of the facilities and resources that we enjoy in school back home, they strive to be the very best they can be and grab every opportunity that this lovely little school tries to offer them. What also struck me was their complete lack of inhibition. The girls and boys enjoyed the performances almost as much as we did, with no hint of embarrassment or affectation. It was a joy! 

Thank you to all of the pupils and staff at Anurag for a wonderful visit. I hope I can come again soon!

Jacqui Argument – Priory Integrated College, Holywood.

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on Saturday 14 February 2015