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A very encouraging day

Wednesday 18 February 2015

 Today we set out on a three hour trip on windy roads, with steep tiered mountain sides and vultures, cows and monkeys scattered along the road. Holding our breath (and the contents of our stomachs down) as we traversed the thoroughfares with the snowy Himalayas barely visible through the fog in the distance.

Group at Tipping Point
Group at Tipping Point

After three hours, we went on a short mountain walk to visit a woman’s community group. They had a goat raising project which is funded by Saphara and organised by MGVS. There were nine woman, who had currently twelve goats through which they sustained their families. As a result, all their children were in school and they had developed a credit union and saved what for them was quite a large amount of rupees. They used this to lend to each other for weddings, business opportunities and when times were hard. It was inspiring to see how something so small and simple had such a profound and positive effect. Keep buying goats this Christmas people!

We then visited to Gair High School where we encountered a Girls’ Empowerment Programme. There were four facilitators who were teaching resilience and empowerment life skills to 22 girls. The girls put on two pointed and humorous role–plays for the team, looking at the rights of girls to education and handling peer pressure. It was exciting to hear the difference the programme had made to the facilitators, and they answered specific questions put to them by the team. Their newfound passion was being transferred to the girls and the changes were obvious for all to see.

Lastly we stopped at a local village, where Saru, a young girl with polio, had received help from Saphara which enabled her to see a doctor to get fitted with leg braces along with a walking frame. While previously bedridden, Saru was now able to come out of her house and briefly came out to see us all. This was exciting as are plans for an operation in the near future which will enable her to further progress.

Finally we enjoyed a Chinese meal together and shared in our reflections. A very encouraging day.

Peter Dornan

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on Wednesday 18 February 2015