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Voyaging between the villages!

Wednesday 29 October 2014


This morning I enjoyed another lovely breakfast with the team before setting off to meet yet another young boy with a disability. He cannot speak nor hear, and has huge difficulty walking. Despite this, when we arrived at his home, he had already made the hour–long trek to school, showing the incredible resilience of these underprivileged people. I spoke with his grandmother about the chicken farm that MGVS have started for the family and seen the toilet that MGVS have installed there. The next family we visited had begun a tree plantation through MGVS and were selling the produce to other villagers. We continued though the fields and met with the local women’s co–operative group, which was funded by Saphara. These women make flour and grind rati grown by other villagers to provide a source of income for their families. They now have plans to expand their work to other villages and markets.

We visited yet another man suffering with mental health and mobility difficulties, whose wife has been teaching others to sew, yet cannot gather enough money to start a business of her own, to support the family. We make our way back to the roadside, where I set–off for Kaplani once more. The rest of the team will remain in the field for another few days and to be honest I would love to stay with them. However, I have gained an insight into the realities and difficulties of rural life in India which must be seen to be believed. Saphara are always keen to support these marginalised people and I look forward to bringing my findings home to the team. I made my way back up several thousand feet and arrived once more at my homestay in Kaplani village. Helping to cook the evening meal was difficult as these poor people are simply too hospitable! Another amazing sunset over the snow–capped Himalayan range and I’m off to bed, with a visit to Kaplani High School to look forward to tomorrow.



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on Wednesday 29 October 2014