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Last day!

Saturday 1 November 2014

In the morning I visited ANURAG School.  I first watched the girls sewing and was lucky enough to leave with a little hand–made gift from one of the students!   The principal then brought me to “meet the children”.  Little did I know that I would be handed a microphone in front of hundreds of kids waiting to hear what I had to say!  Nonetheless, it was great to see the excellent work undertaken by Prem Gideon and the staff at ANURAG, for whom Saphara provides occasional support throughout the year in the form of uniforms and books.  I then made my way across Delhi to Kalkaji Girls Government School.  Here I met Ritu, a representative of TED (responsible for Self Organised Learning Environments), which is a new learning initiative that Saphara may form future links with.  It was fascinating to see SOLE in action and it certainly appears to be a progressive form of learning.  I would recommend you research this yourself online. Having spent the last week moving at a hectic pace between several of Saphara’s initiatives, it was nice to spend my last few hours in India enjoying the sunset at India Gate with a fried corn–on–the–cob.  

Upon reflection, I have thoroughly enjoyed this past week in India, which has been spent with some fantastic and inspirational people.  Having covered several miles by air, rail, car, jeep, vikram, rickshaw and foot, I will look back on this whirlwind week with fond memories.  However, my trip has served as a stark reminder that challenges these people face are great and should not be forgotten while we are at home.  I thank Saphara for the opportunity to come out here and do this work on their behalf, and urge everyone to continue to support Saphara and consequently these underprivileged people in any way you can.  I look forward to returning with the school teams in July, but for now I’m off to the airport in the morning.  Hope you have enjoyed this blog.  Over and out…


A Self Organised Learning Environment in action in Kalkaji Girls Government School
A Self Organised Learning Environment in action in Kalkaji Girls Government School
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on Saturday 1 November 2014