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Friday 31 October 2014

With great excitement I headed off to SNEHA school and as I entered the gates I heard the familiar voice of Nadesh addressing the crowd as only he can.  I knew I was in for a treat!  I spent some time with Esther, the school Principal who informed me that the reports this year for classes 10 and 12 (the exam classes) were exceptionally good and that some of the pupils had achieved outstanding results.  The school runs like clockwork and it is difficult to comprehend that these kids are from extremely marginalised communities.  They display excellent manners and discipline and possess an incredible appetite for learning.  I then spoke with Dr Reeta about possible infrastructural improvements and other ideas that would help move the school forward.  The staff of the school then provided feedback on the most recent Saphara students’, which was very positive.  I held a workshop for the Maths teachers of the school to share my practice and techniques with them, and re–assured them that students in our country are just as “enthusiastic” about Maths as their own.  A wonderful day was capped off with a beautiful meal cooked by Dr Reeta before I set off on the train to Delhi once more. 

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on Friday 31 October 2014