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Sunday 13 April 2014

We’ve now reached home, but before we hurl ourselves back into the busyness of our families and careers, here are a few reflections our trip:

Where do I begin to reflect on this amazing journey with purpose?  From start to finish I laughed, I cried, was inspired, humbled and much, much more.  To witness people of faith give so much to others was truly heart–warming and wonderful.  To share it with a group of fantastic women and one fantastic young man made it all the more special and memorable.  I will never forget India; a friend told me that I would get more from India than I would ever give, those few words sum up my experience perfectly. Jacci

On so many levels this for me has truly been a Journey with Purpose. I have gained insight into how some people in India live; their hopes, aspirations and needs. I have met inspirational people, who in their communities are trying to change attitudes and make improvements and in a small way I have been privileged to share a small part of their journey. It has also been a personal journey enriched by eleven special people, who travelled the road with me and shared their faith, love and support along the way.   Sylvia.

This trip really has been a once in a lifetime opportunity, full of new experiences shared with new friends. We have laughed together and sometimes cried together, it has been a truly bonding journey that I will remember for a very long time to come.  Thamra

On this trip to India, I have met and worked with many wonderful and inspirational people, including my new travelling companions. It was great to see first–hand the wonderful positive work that Saphara supports in SNEHA, Kaplani and Donk schools. It was a privilege to meet with Dr Reeta, Surrender and their colleagues who showed us a true understanding of how love and respect for one another lead to equality for all. This has been a truly amazing journey. Thanks to Christine and the ladies. Each and every one of you made this journey so special for me. Lelia

This Indian adventure was a truly amazing experience. To see at first hand the work of some of the projects supported by Saphara was both a blessing and a challenge.  Between the work among the children in the marginalized communities of Dehradun, and those in the remote villages around Mussoorie, it is evident that many lives are being changed while attitudes to women and young girls in society are being challenged and transformed. It was also a privilege to share this experience with a group of wonderful ladies whose support and humour made the trip very special indeed. Susan

I feel privileged to have experienced all that I have in the last 9 days. It has been a truly extraordinary journey and one that I need time to process over the coming months to fully appreciate. There are so many needy children whose lives continue to be transformed with the help of Saphara. A big thank you all who devoted their time to help raise funds for Saphara. I am confident that all our efforts and funds are being used very effectively to enrich the lives of some of the most delightful but poorest children in India. Paula

I will never forget the sense of God’s presence that I have felt at times during this incredible week – whether it has been 1000 children from every caste and religion saying the Lord’s prayer in a playground at SNEHA, through Surender translating “An Irish Blessing” into Hindi for Kumla Devi, or  the majesty of the Himalayas from Donk Primary School.  Flo

What a wonderful journey with a group of amazing ladies. We chatted, laughed, wept and had serious conversations. We met many inspirational people. The happy children in SNEHA, Donk and Kaplani schools were a reflection of the teacher’s hard work and support from various sources including Saphara. There was much traveling and the odd challenge such as the trek to Donk school and back taking 5–6 hours. On this trip there were many contrasts including visits to the Taj Mahal, a magnificent tomb, and to the quiet peaceful hillside grave of our late friend.  Thanks to all who prayed for us. Winnie


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on Sunday 13 April 2014