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Flight of the Birds of Paradise

Saturday 12 April 2014

Another suitcase in another hall and after seven action packed days another step on the Saphara journey has been taken. 

The women’s group have left for the airport leaving behind one young Irishman with over a thousand photos and multiple hours of footage.On a personal note I can’t wait to start editing and sharing Saphara’s work on our brand new website. Watch this space!

The team were very happy to have a more leisurely morning, being allowed to sleep in until nearly 9 o’clock. After breakfast, we paid a visit to the Lotus Temple, a Baha’i house of worship in southern Delhi. It was a chance to relax and reflect on our time spent in India in the peaceful surroundings of the garden and inside the building itself. I think everyone will agree that the temple is a special space, a quiet oasis in a city not renowned for its silence.

After nourishing our spirits the women then gorged on that age–old emotional healer of shopping in the Central Cottage Emporium. Families, expect to receive reams of tea, scarves, jewellery, stone–ware, scarves, iron–ware and scarves. For one final fling we all went for tea in the spectacularly luxurious Imperial Hotel across the road where tea, cake and the odd well–earned cold beverage were consumed.

The women have been fantastic and will provide some reflections of themselves at a later date, but for now it’s farewell to India and hello to a new chapter of Saphara’s story. I leave you with the ladies and their “best” silly faces. See you in July! – Graham

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on Saturday 12 April 2014