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Back to Delhi

Friday 11 April 2014

Paula, Cheryl, Flo and Winnie had an early start today. 

Christine had made contact with a friend and arranged a taxi for us to visit John Montgomery’s grave at Landor. We left at 8am and after travelling up winding mountainous roads and arrived at the graveyard. John’s grave was located in a forest setting overlooking a beautiful green valley.  We turned around and were astonished by the view of the Himalayas through the trees. The silence was broken only by birdsong.  It was a profound experience for us and we felt privileged to have spent time in such a tranquil place.

On returning back to base we had a workshop on development with Surenderand Rama of the NGO, MGVS, a partner ofSaphara – it was wonderful to hearRama’s story of how she had overcome her father’s opposition to go to school since she was a girl – she now champions girls facing similar situations.

After travelling to Dehradun, we had a lovely meal and a quick shopping trip. Dr Reeta, Hari and two teachers from SNEHA School give us a wonderful Indian send off before we left on our on our return train  journey to Delhi.

Just approaching Delhi now… another wonderful day.

Winnie and Paula

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on Friday 11 April 2014