Journey with purpose

Transforming Encounters

Opening the eyes of young people to their unique potential to change the world through working together.

A Saphara Journey

Want to hear what a Saphara journey really is? Look no further.

The teams are back!

A warm reminder of 2017’s journey with purpose

Saphara believes in the potential of young people to change the world.

Education is at the heart of every Saphara policy and an integral part of our teams’ time in India. It is the key to empowering young people from disadvantaged communities to escape from poverty.

We have a range of initiatives focused on educating the whole community. Our teams go out regularly to teach English to children from deprived backgrounds and we have provided our partner schools with classrooms, playgrounds and teacher support. With their new skills and amenities the communities themselves will be the ones to effect real change in their lives.

Our Education Initiatives

Empowering girls and women is key to solving social problems.

The empowerment of women and overall gender equality are goals that Saphara fights for every day.

Through a number of education and health awareness initiatives we aim to help girls overcome the social stigmas that hold them back.

Girl Empowerment Initiatives